CSC offers human resource and organization development trainings

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The Civil Service Commission (CSC) is inviting all agencies in all sectors of government to attend its human resources and organization development interventions. The CSC will offer training programs through its research and development arm, the Civil Service Institute (CSI).

The CSI closes the semester with training programs on Employee Engagement, which provides an in-depth discussion on the drivers that impact on employee engagement and centers on practical tools for managers to keep a team focused and productive. It is ideal for executives, managers, division heads, and supervisors. The Art of Negotiation is an organizational development program that develops participant’s ability to negotiate effectively, to create win-win scenarios, to maximize gains, to improve working relationships, and build networks. It is recommended for executives, managers, and division heads. The Employee Engagement Program will be held on May 14-15 while The Art of Negotiation will span from May 21-22.

The CSI also offers four year-round leadership programs: the Leading Employees Well program; the Delivering Customer Satisfaction program; the Communication and Building Relationships program; and the Continuous Learning program. The Leading Employees Well program spans only two days while the remaining programs run for three days.

The Leading Employees program provides participants cutting-edge techniques and tools in managing and leading strategic change to meet their organizational goals. The course culminates in participants’ development of their Agency’s Strategic Change Management Action Plan. Its target audiences are incumbent and emerging leaders in government.

The Delivering Customer Satisfaction program is designed to help participants gain knowledge in creating service excellence environments and developing a Client Satisfaction Improvement Plan.

The Communication and Building Relationships course provides participants with structured learning opportunities for developing strategies on effective communication internal and external to the organization. It will best help incumbent and emerging leaders in government, including heads of information and communication units.

The Continuous Learning program raises the consciousness of staying on the learning mode all the time and contributing to the success of his or her organization in an environment of accelerating change and complex demands. Incumbent and emerging leaders in government are its target audience.

Responding to the need of shaping a new generation of civil servant and leaders, the CSI was instituted in July 2011 to provide quality training programs to government officials and employees. Last year, the CSI has trained almost 1,000 Human Resource Management Professionals (HRMPs), lawyers, supervisors, division heads, manages, and executives.

The CSI boasts of 17 HR programs, 10 OD programs, and five modules of the Leadership Program. For the coming semester, there will be eight HR programs, five OD programs, and five leadership programs. The Certificate Leadership Program includes all five leadership programs and runs for 25 days spread out in three months.

For inquiries regarding training fees and training programs, please call the CSI at (02) 931-4182 or telefax (02) 931-8019. You may also call the Civil Service Commission at (02) 931-7035 local 301 to 305 or personally inquire in the CSI at 3/f CSC Central Office, Batasan Hills, Diliman, Quezon City. q

CSC News Capsule
May 10, 2013


2 thoughts on “CSC offers human resource and organization development trainings

  1. I am a Legal Assistant II employee of the Mines and geosciences Bureau, Central Office. We’re looking at a CSC Initiative Training for Legal Assistants purposely to effectively and efficiently assist in the core functions of the Legal Division. Hope you can design such a module.

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